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September 24, 2018

My most comfortable point in theater is improvisation. I love thinking on the spot and find my brain lights up in a special way when stimulated with the need to create quickly. My favorite activities in class have been ones that require improvisation, such as the word game, the dice game and the power dynamic games. I have started doing an exercise with myself to practice using metaphor in comedy where I think of two random things and then write a list of similarities off the top of my head. Below is a sample of the similarities list:


Having roommates and taking a shower:


-Forces you to smell better

-At Quest it’s a low pressure environment

-Leaving can be cold and painful

-Allows you to get to know the more intimate parts of yourself


A comedy show and a carpet

-a little bit distasteful

-If you  lose your place you’re going to get burned

-necessities of a cruise line

-platforms used to release sexual tension despite obviously better options


A dishwasher and a president

-is finished once a cycle is over

-makes a special appearance on large holidays

-not everyone sees the utility but even if you don't you can't just get rid of it

-is usually detrimental to the environment


A light and a teacher

-is largely controlled by the preferences of the people in the space

-particularly unpopular on a sunny day

-can have a positive environmental impact if you choose the right one

-gets turned on by students probably a little too frequently


A scooter and a dog

-niche park toy

-you gotta take it out frequently to keep it working

-you really wanted one when you were 7 then forgot about it for a while and all the sudden want one again in college

-your mom probably yelled at you for ignoring it at one point

-will break if you ride it without being careful


A shoe and a friend

-it's more comfortable to leave the house with them

-they come in all shapes and sizes

-some are better for long term stamina but some give you a really great party night

-if people like them they may steal them so watch out


I have found that using spontaneity and making comparisons allows me to use comedy in everyday language, which turns the platform that the stage usually acts as into an ever evolving social platform instead. Being conscious of what subjects are the butts of my jokes and what messages I want to get across, I am learning to become more careful and effective in the way I use humor as a tool to communicate casually.


(CLO 1,3,4)

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